Color Sampling


Leave Your Mark has assumed all color sample manufacturing of Plasticase as of March 2019. This pertains only to plastic color samples, related cases and displays, not to any other product offering of Plasticase. Contact us for more information.

Colors Make a Splash!

If you are selling color, no one has to tell you about the importance of bold – and accurate – sample presentation. We get it. A combined 40 years of experience in color shouts it! Our advanced color lab, operated by Minolta®-trained technicians, matches your palette in any light. Then, we produce samples in the quantity you need with a six-point quality control process that gets it right, all while putting them on display in the most innovative and eye-catching ways possible. 

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Color Sampling in Plastic

Three dimensional, lightweight, inexpensive, consistent … and able to take the shape, form and color of just about anything.

Plastic sampling is changing everything. Now, near-perfect simulations of your actual product samples can be made in plastic using any shape, texture and sheen, with a precise color match in any light source.

Samples can be produced in small, medium, large and even jumbo quantities – for far less. Switch to plastic and you can increase market exposure to your colors exponentially for the same expense. We can also ship your samples nearly anywhere in the world, so intra-company orders can be combined to reduce cost.

And it doesn’t stop there. We can custom-design an amazing case or display to show off your samples, store them, dispense them … whatever you want.

Color sampling in plastic is new and truly cutting edge. Leap to the forefront of innovation in your industry by switching from hand samples to colored plastic.

Color Sampling on Paper

Direct color deposit on paper, color strips, off-set printing … which is the most effective? It really depends on what you need, so it’s a good thing we offer options.
Direct Color Deposit

Direct deposit applies a color lacquer directly onto paper to produce multiple independent swatches without having to cut and glue samples to the surface. It is a nice, sharp process that can even be applied in unique shapes, while needing less labor for production. This method is ideal for color wheels, swatch books, brochures and point of purchase displays.

Color Strips

Color strip production is a method of continuous application of a color over large surfaces, typically used for large samples and chips. Substances can even be added to produce a nice, even texture. This process is most commonly used for paint or coating samples and color cards.

Offset Printing

Need yet another option? How about off-set printing … we offer that, too! If you aren’t too particular and just have a few simple colors that need to be matched, why not do it in spot-color ink? Match your color to a Pantone® swatch or we can custom-blend ink for you. Various paper stocks and coatings can be used to add the proper sheen and recreate a pretty nice presentation at a great value.

Cases and Displays

Our extremely talented designers and engineers can develop eye-catching Sample Cases and Displays for your colors, or you can choose several off the shelf options, whatever works best for you. From hand-held cases, countertop displays and dispensers, to large point of purchase displays – even showroom design and construction – there are certainly no size limits to our solutions.

Color Technology

Leave Your Mark, through our partner Glass Slate Digital, can make your palette come alive with interactivity. Web, tablet, smart phone, games, interactive displays, augmented reality – you name it – there are no limits to your imagination with Leave Your Mark technology.

Why work with us ?


Nobody does color better. Leave Your Mark has the most technologically advanced color lab operated by Minolta®-trained technicians to match your palette in a variety of light sources through visual standards and instrumental readings.


The people of Leave Your Mark know color, drawing from over 45 years of combined experience with color marketing, truly understanding the importance of quality, consistency and color accuracy.


Our company is a model of consistency, using a strict six-point Quality Control process ensuring the highest degree of excellence and color accuracy of your products throughout the entire manufacturing process.


Leave Your Mark has tremendous capacity; allowing us the ­flexibility to produce the number of color samples that fit your needs, and schedule shipments to meet your delivery requirements.


In these times of tightening belts and finite dollars, we can provide a significant savings to your bottom line while producing an exceptional quality product.


We go to great lengths to keep our customers informed with accurate detailed information on a continuous basis, from concept to delivery and beyond.


Creative designers and engineers are part of our team to help develop customized and innovative concepts that set you apart from competition, all at no extra cost to you.


Our company has a proven track record of success producing innovative, superior quality color samples and displays, while our plastics factory has been producing high-end injection-molded products for almost 50 years.


We understand the competitive nature of color-related marketing so our team adheres to strict confidentiality standards. We treat each customer uniquely and will not disclose or use anything branded by our customers as self-promotion without consent.


Leave Your Mark is committed to providing our customers with superior quality products and services at an unsurpassed value, delivering to the needs of our fast growing customer base.


We provide a better way of doing business. Our company works diligently to exceed your expectations at every level, while being truly customer-focused, understanding of your needs and the needs of your market.


Discover why Leave Your Mark has become the industry leader for color sampling and displays. Our superior quality, innovative designs, on time delivery, and exceptional savings have set a new standard for the color marketing industry.

Contact us to begin presenting your color palette in creative and interactive ways!