Color Technology

Technology is changing everything, especially the selection of color, and Leave Your Mark is at the forefront of this revolution.



Leave Your Mark, through our partner Glass Slate Digital, can make your palette come alive with interactivity. Web, tablet, smart phone, games, interactive displays, augmented reality – you name it – there are no limits to your imagination with Leave Your Mark technology.


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plastic color sampling






color sampling


Plastic Color Samples

Plastic color samples from Leave Your Mark dramatically reduce marketing costs over traditional systems, while displaying them in innovative ways with proven results.

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product sampling


Color Swatches

Direct color deposit on paper, color strips, off-set printing … which is the most effective? It really depends on what you need, so it’s a good thing we offer options. 

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large product displays


Cases and Displays

 Leave Your Mark's talented designers and engineers can develop eye-catching Sample Cases and Displays for your plastic color samples, swatches and color technology . 

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