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Leave Your Mark is a single-source provider of many common marketing services, offering the widest range of solutions available, from promotional products all the way up to trade show displays and many things in between. All from one convenient source. All at an exceptional value.


Leave Your Mark was founded on an innovative idea: provide one convenient source for the most common marketing production services used by businesses and ad agencies; one company to call, one source, numerous Marketing Solutions. 

Before its inception, co-founder Steven Daniels directed an in-house marketing department for an international company, where he purchased numerous marketing services. He worked with a printer, bought promotional products from another vendor, used another for tradeshow services, another for websites and technology, another for retail displays, and so on. It became unproductive to coordinate and time-consuming for accounting to manage vendor PO's and invoices. That’s when he and Andrew Block, his printing rep, came up with an idea. What if we offered all of these services from one single company? One company to call, one vendor, consolidated invoices and payments, coordinated shipments; offer all of this incredible convenience at an exceptional value. 

You create it, then call us and we’ll produce whatever you need. Then we’ll package everything, deliver it and invoice it all from one company. 

Advertising agencies can broker services to accommodate a client, but this often comes with exorbitant upcharges, and it’s not what they’re good at. Ad agencies focus on creative and campaigns, not production. The same can be said for in-house marketing teams. Daniels knew from experience that they prefer creating ideas, developing products and services, pricing and promoting them, and building distribution channels and sales. Spending time chasing vendors and buried in P.O.’s and invoices takes resources away from this. Block experienced it from the vendor side as an expert in marketing production. The genesis of their unique idea was to fill the void left by production companies and ad agencies by offering common marketing production services consolidated under one company. "You create it, then call us and we’ll produce whatever you need. Then we’ll package everything, deliver it and invoice it all from one company." 

In 2005, Andrew Block and Steven Daniels launched this idea as Leave Your Mark to serve the needs of small, medium and large-sized businesses – even ad agencies. Today, Leave Your Mark provides Marketing Solutions for a variety of companies all over the world.

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Why work with us?

Convenience. Leave Your Mark offers one convenient source for multiple marketing services, taking the stress out of sourcing and freeing our customers to concentrate on marketing and selling their customers. 

Versatility. We are a go-to company in a crunch. Quick, responsive, flexible, accommodating and extremely creative ... there isn’t much we won’t take on, no matter how challenging or unique. 

Experience. Broad knowledge and experience comes with every service we offer. We are marketing experts, led by a team who have spent their careers in this field, and have often ‘been there before’. We truly understand our customer’s needs. 

Communication. Leave Your Mark coordinates and communicates like no other. We pride ourselves in being on our game at all times and have the structure and tools in place to make doing business with us a great experience. Every project is managed using an easy-to-use online interactive database that includes milestones, communication forums, file exchange, history and more … all in one place.

Quality. We take pride in offering only the highest quality products and services. We do nothing half way. Our customers know when Leave Your Mark does a job; it will be done right, often exceeding their expectations. 

Value. Leave Your Mark offers all of the above at an incredibly competitive price. No longer do you have to sacrifice quality for price, or spend more to get more. Our customers get an exceptional value on every service offered.


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We provide Marketing Solutions for any sized business, from small to medium all the way up to Fortune 500 companies – even advertising agencies. We don’t discriminate, we just deliver what you need, how and when you need it.



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